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If you are currently pregnant and wish to have newborn pictures taken, please contact us BEFORE your baby is born, preferably several months in advance to ensure availability and make a reservation (a reservation fee of $100 will be collected upon reserving your month). We will tentatively use your due date to estimate when baby will arrive, but then wait to set up the official photo session (7-12 days old), when he/she is actually born. By coming at this time, your little one should still be very sleepy and able to be gently posed. Your newborn portrait session will be great experience, both enjoyable and relaxing.  Please allow 2-3 hours for this session to allow us to capture your new bundle of joy.

If your baby has already arrived, please call for availability. We will make every effort to capture you new tiny treasure. (Photo Session fee is $100).


Be sure to pack a good supply of diapers/wipes and bottles/formula/breast milk. Our average session lasts between 1 – 2 hours, but we always like everyone to be prepared. If you are using a pacifier, even sparingly, please bring it along. Also, be sure to dress your little one in an outfit that zips or snaps down the front, pulling clothing over baby’s head can often times ruin the start to a photo session.

We have found the single most important factor to be a good long feeding just prior to leaving home (preferably with a bottle of breast milk or formula to fill baby up really well). It can also be helpful to try and keep your baby alert prior to feeding (a sponge bath with a few drops of baby oil can decrease skin flaking), so that baby is tired and ready to sleep. Please note, some clients have thought it was better to wait and feed in a nearby parking lot or in front of the studio. Unfortunately this is a mistake, as we need baby to settle into a deep sleep on the car ride to the studio. Waking to feed again would restart the sleep cycle and could have a negative impact.

Bring baby into the studio still strapped in the car seat. By following these simple recommendations in advance, you will dramatically increase the chances for a successful photo session!

Lastly, we would encourage you to have an extra bottle of breast milk or formula on stand-by, for use during the shoot (if necessary). This allows us to personally take care of your little one in the studio, keeping the flow of our session going smoothly. I know all of this may sound a bit excessive, but the reason we bring up these tips is because when newborns arrive unfed/awake it can create a much more challenging situation. Hopefully that won’t be the case though and we can go from start to finish without needing to take a break…

Please give yourself plenty of time to get here. We don’t want you to be rushed. Give yourself 10-15 mintutes prior to your appointment. Being 15 minutes late for your session may require you to reschedule your appointment.

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